What is the best way to tackle negative comments by consumers on social media? What steps should be followed?

Best way to tackle negative comments

There is no way to ignore the negative comments by consumers. If the negative comment made by the consumer is proved to be true then you should reply to that comment accepting the defect and what measures you have taken to resolve that issue/defect. You will get more points when you are able to get the positive comment from the same customer and it increases more confidence in the company.

For Example: If your customer receives a defective product and he posted a negative comment then you may do the following to convert that negative comment to positive.

1. First, investigate whether the customer is genuine or not. Sometimes your opponent may play these tricks to increase negativity on your products.

2. If the customer is genuine then check how a defective product delivered to the customer, whether it got damaged in transit or lack of QC or did not meet the features/specifications provided in the product catalog.

3. If the mistake is on your side then better to refund or provide a good product to the customer again free of charge.

4. Request a feedback from the customer after that. Probably you should be getting good feedback by this.

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