What is Document digitization Project?

What is Document digitization Project?

We all know that the paper life is short and as the time passes the papers get damaged in several forms. The hard copies require much maintenance and resources which leads to cost.

Now that technology has advanced and we are capable of reducing the cost through Document Digitization Process.

Document Digitization Project is a process where all the hard copies of documents are converted into digital copy which is stored in the centralized location and can be accessed through commercial Document Management Systems like M-Files, Docs Vault, etc or free software applications like Alfresco.

In bulk document digitization project say you have to process millions of documents on the industrial scale, then the document goes through several stages. Below are the stages which might be divided into departments.

  1. Document Collection.
  2. Barcoding/Tagging.
  3. Unbinding/Sorting of Documents.
  4. Scanning.
  5. Quality Check.
  6. Processing.
  7. Binding of Documents.
  8. Data Entry/Indexing.
  9. Quality Analysis.
  10. Upload to DMS application.


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