Project Resource Allocation and Resource Management

The resources of an organization consist of people, materials, equipment, knowledge and time. Organizations typically have limited resources; therefore, tradeoffs on what project resources are expended and when are made every day within organizations. A resource allocation plan is an important tool in effective management of scarce resources. The timing of the need of those… Read more »

What is the difference between projects and operations?

In any organization, only two aspects of work exist—on-going operations and projects. Projects are defined as unique, temporary endeavors with a specific beginning and end. Operations constitute an organization’s on-going, repetitive activities, such as accounting or production. Since all work and/or efforts performed within an organization are characterized as either operations or projects, all of… Read more »

What is Document digitization Project?

What is Document digitization Project? We all know that the paper life is short and as the time passes the papers get damaged in several forms. The hard copies require much maintenance and resources which leads to cost. Now that technology has advanced and we are capable of reducing the cost through Document Digitization Process…. Read more »

What is a Project Charter?

Project Charter Project Charter is one of the Project Management document. This document can be considered as a framework for the Project under which the Project will operate. This document contains all critical information related to the Project. Definition: As per the PMBOK the Project Charter is a document issued by the Project initiator (or sponsor)… Read more »

What is the best way to tackle negative comments by consumers on social media? What steps should be followed?

Best way to tackle negative comments There is no way to ignore the negative comments by consumers. If the negative comment made by the consumer is proved to be true then you should reply to that comment accepting the defect and what measures you have taken to resolve that issue/defect. You will get more points… Read more »

How to schedule a meeting in ODOO CRM?

Schedule Meetings: When you click on the “Meeting” button the following Calendar view will be displayed from where you can select a date and set up a meeting on that date. When you click on any date, the following form will be displayed:

How to cancel Journal Entries in Odoo Financial Accounting?

How to cancel Journal Entries In this article, you will learn how to cancel a posted journal entry. To cancel any posted Journal Entry you need to select the option “Allow canceling Entries” from journals Accounting>Configuration>Journals Select the journal which you want to make available for canceling proceed further

How to reconcile the invoice in Odoo Financial Accounting?

Reconcile the invoice We can reconcile the invoices from here. Accounting>Periodic Processing>Reconciliation

How to enable technical features for a user in Odoo V7?

How to enable technical features(TF) for a user in Odoo Technical features for a user in Odoo are nothing but giving access rights to the user to control configuration and other technical settings. When we freshly install Odoo by default the user will not get the TF enabled. The following is the window how the… Read more »

What is ERP Software?

ERP Software The abbreviation of ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. Means any Enterprise will have various resources like Human Resource, Machinery, Products, etc. Managing these resources efficiently to get the optimum result is the purpose of  ERP Software. For doing this Job, automation of this process is required. And here comes the ERP software. The main… Read more »

  • How to create marketing channels and marketing campaigns in Odoo or OpenERP CRM?

    Channels You can view and create “Channels” from Sales>Configuration>Leads and Opportunities>Channels Sales>Configuration>Leads and Opportunities>Channels>Create Campaigns You can view and create “Campaigns” from Sales>Configuration>Leads and Opportunities>Campaigns Sales>Configuration>Leads and Opportunities>Campaigns>Create

  • How to create Sales Tags and Sales Stages in Odoo CRM?

    Sales Stages in Odoo CRM. You can view and create “Stages” from Sales>Configuration>Leads and Opportunities>Stages Sales>Configuration>Leads and Opportunities>Stages>Create Sales Tags. You can view and create “Sales Tags” from Sales>Configuration>Leads and Opportunities>Sales Tags Sales>Configuration>Leads and Opportunities>Sales Tags>Create

  • How to create Sales Teams in Odoo CRM?

    Sales Teams You can view and create “Sales Teams” from Sales>Configuration>Sales Teams Sales>Configuration>Sales Teams>Create